Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to exfoliate dead skin from peeling sunburn?

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on how to exfoliate and remove the dead skin from a peeling sunburn....its a large part of my body that is peeling almost my entire body since this was quite a bad its like i have flaking skin all over the place and i keep vacumning after myself..i tried a facial scrub but that didn't work..i tried a salt scrub but that stung...i tried one of those loofahs and that didn't work any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks! ps should i try baby oil?How to exfoliate dead skin from peeling sunburn?

you should let your sunburn heal on it's own. if you mess around with it your skin may not heal properly and you can very easily damage it further. your skin is very sensitive when sunburnt and should be treated with utmost care. i suggest moisturizing to prevent peeling.

you should always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.How to exfoliate dead skin from peeling sunburn?
i have tried this before and it worked on my skin great,

rub leaves your skin soft and smooth after

hope that works for u as well good luck.

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  1. the peeling is part of your skin's healing process, allow it to run its courser, try an all natural moisturizer like SanRe Organic Skinfood's Soothing Celebration to help revitalize your skin.